We are a distinct financial services firm that operates within, but is divergent from, the existing economy. Wakopa Financial is cooperatively-owned by radical professionals working to create positive change in our community. We do this by providing the wrap around financial supports and mentorship for atypical entrepreneurs (non-conforming youth, LGBTQ2+, Indigenous, social, people of colour, and women facing additional barriers), startups, and social enterprises that are innovating, organizing, and creating systems change for the world.


We Offer 3 Types of Financial Services:

Accounting Services

Includes bookkeeping, auditing,taxes, payroll, financial statement preparation, and accounting software setup. Everything that the big firms do, but without the high cost!

Advanced Financials

Includes financial modelling and budgeting of new projects or entities because startups and new social enterprises have very specific needs to their unique circumstances. Each of you is different and requires a deep understanding of your revenue and financial models.

Investment Services

Includes impact investment, identifying sources of funding, and making sure the organization is investment ready for that funding.


Our collective experience spans large cities with mature innovation scenes (New York, Toronto, Boston, Vancouver) and small cities with burgeoning innovation scenes (Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary). Comparatively, Winnipeg’s innovation scene is still very nascent and continually makes the same mistakes that these cities made along their respective journeys. We want to catapult Winnipeg ahead of the mistakes, and use the successes of these cities to advance atypical entrepreneurs, social enterprises, and startups because that is who we are, and that is who invest in!

Wakopa Financial Workers’ Co-operative has a distributed home office network located on Treaty #1 Territory, the original land of the Cree, Ojibway, Dene, and Dakota peoples, as well as the homeland and birthplace of the M├ętis Nation. The water we drink comes from Shoal Lake 40 First Nation on Treaty #3 Territory and our electricity comes from Treaty #5 Territory. We celebrate our Indigenous heritage and acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past as we work together in the spirit of truth, reconciliation, and collaboration.